Tuesday, August 7, 2007

About TTL

* This post was originally published on the Smoky Hill Blogosphere blog before the move to Blogger.

In the spring of '07, a couple of colleagues & I started thinking about ways to offer staff development at the school level, but we decided to collaborate on the project. My peers had already been doing projects & initiatives on their own, and I suppose I had as well (on a very basic & limited level). So, TTL was sort of born.

We put together a list of courses that we would offer throughout the year, hoping that our teachers would freely attend sessions at other schools. What we found in the first year of TTL was that teachers tended to stay at their buildings. And while we didn't get the attendance from other schools as we'd hoped, it was further proof to me that we have to be much more active at the site level than relying on district courses. Our district does a great job, but I think there are folks who won't go elsewhere for classes just because it involves moving to a different locale. And I will freely admit that I am less like to attend something if I have to leave the building.  Something seems to always come up . . .
We will again be offering TTL courses for the 2008-2009 school year, and we are adding a technology camp for 3 days during the summer. This will be my first foray into summer sessions, but I feel pretty good about having something in place for days that are not tied up by our "regularly scheduled programming."

So, this is my place to reflect, ponder, and share what we're doing, what we've discovered, and what we ultimately hope will change instruction at our different buildings.  A huge thanks to my counterparts at the other schools in our district.  They have enriched my job in ways they will never know and saved my sanity countless times.