Saturday, February 23, 2008

I think we should look at other things . . .

. . . that also fit writing. One thing I like about the wiki is the option to have something collaborative. However, given that you can't have more than 1 person editing a page at a time, it is difficult to apply in the confines of a classroom setting.

Well, stop the WordPress. Just after I'd typed this blog entry, I read a cool idea for using wikis on David Warlick's blog . He referred to a teacher who was using a wiki for multiple drafts of a piece of writing. I thought this was a great idea - and I wondered why the heck I hadn't thought about that application. Since you can see the "history" of a page, what a great way to teach revision & peer editing. I'll have to try that . . . someday.

GoogleDocs is cool, too, but it's yet another tool that I just haven't had a chance to a implement for myself.

My other question is about using other blogging servers, like EduBlog or blogspot or blogger. Do those tools have some options that might be a better fit?

And where does Blackboard fit? I think I like the discussion feature in terms of layout more, but Bb can be daunting to a user. I don't think it's intuitive. If you were only going to use the discussion feature, it would make things easier. But if it's not public (ever), doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of a blog?

* This post was originally published on the Smoky Hill Blogosphere blog before the move to Blogger.