Friday, February 29, 2008

Podcasts & iPods for instruction

I hosted a podcasting/Garageband class last night here @ SHHS, and for me, in continued to prove that iPods in the classroom should be much more the rule than the exception. While I think people were able to try Garageband & see what it could do, I think that the power of the class was in looking at what you can do with an iPod in the classroom with kids . That's what got people talking.
On a policy note, someone asked about whether or not administration would be okay with seeing iPods in an instructional setting. My answer was that if it is clearly being used for learning, I didn't feel that our ad team would have a problem with it. But boy, I hope I'm right. Now that I think about it, I asked Jeannine about this idea but not the other administrators. If it gets kids engaged, why wouldn't we capitalize on that?Honestly, I'm not sure I did a very good job in explaining what makes a podcast a podcast. My hope was to have people create a podcast in the class setting so that I could upload it to the district's server. It's that RSS feed that makes it "subscribable," but that's hard to demonstrate without actually showing it. Luckily, one of participants made a great little podcast sample, and I was able to upload it this morning. It was a canned script that I made for the class, but she did a great job with it! I was pleased.

So, thanks to those who came last night. It's just so hard to hang in there after a full day, but I'm hope there was something useful. If nothing else, I got a sample podcast to upload & test out! Thanks, Angela!

* This post was originally published on the Smoky Hill Blogosphere blog before the move to Blogger.