Friday, March 21, 2008

Finding podcasts via our online databases

This has already been covered in hard copy (see the most recent Books N Bytes publication from our stellar librarians). But I tend to collect stuff electronically so that I can get to it from anywhere. Right at this moment, my hard copy version is on my desk at school so I can't read the article. I'm going to post this here for my benefit and for the benefit of those who might be at home prepping for tomorrow (and who left the hard copy version on a desk at school).

There's no question that powerful content is available via podcast. The trick is, how do you carve out the time to wade through everything to find the classroom gem? I was thrilled to see that some of our online databases are linking podcast, video & audio content to searches. Instead of trying to find something in iTunes or another podcast directory, you can do a search in our databases and find multimedia content.

The latest edition of Books 'n' Bytes highlighted the Thomson Gale databases, but you can also find some great stuff on ABCClio, the Library of Congress, and CultureGrams. Honestly, I found the search for multimedia to be easier on the Thomson Gale database, but if you can learn some quick tips, you can find video & audio content on the other databases.

If you have time, stop by our library and chat with one of our librarians. Not only can they recommend the right database for what you'd like your students to research, but they can also help you learn how to search effectively. Best part about these databases? Get to them from anywhere. I love that our library is no longer confined within walls.