Monday, April 14, 2008

Spelling Words

My son is not stoked to study for spelling tests, so we tried something new tonight. We recorded his words into Garageband, and then I put it onto his MP3 player. Because it took a couple of takes for a few words, he was studying the ones with which he had trouble without even knowing it.

It's about a minute & a half long, and it probably took us 15 minutes to do. He was VERY excited to put his words onto the computer.

Will he listen to his words to study? Probably. But is that the power of approaching his homework this way? Nope. The act of practicing those words by using Garageband gave him automatic engagement for something he dislikes. He already was talking about what music loop we should choose for next week's words. Wait. . . So he's looking forward to studying his spelling words?!?

We'll see how he does on Friday's test, but the fact that he enjoyed practicing his spelling words is enough for me at the moment. What else could we be doing to help kids enjoy learning?

Here's the words of the week: