Thursday, May 15, 2008

A blog posting about blogs

Blogging About Blogs

In thinking about using blogs, one of the questions we need to ask is how this particular tool could be used, either with students or with peers & colleagues. Before we even get to thinking about the applicability of the tool, though, we probably need to take a closer look at the tool itself.

What is the definition of a blog?

Check out these links for clarification on the term:

Here's another great little handout on 7 Things You Should Know About Blogs.

In what ways can we use blogs in the classroom?

What about blogs for professional development?

See blogroll at right-hand side. These are all blogs that I follow to a) keep up with what I do and b) get great ideas from great people. If you want to do a search for blogs in your content or interest area, try Technorati.

See for yourself . . .

Using the links above (or by doing your own search), check out some examples of blogs used in classrooms or those used for professional development. After seeing a few and how they are used, pick 3 - 5 that impressed you or made you think in some way. Then, post a response (or comment) to this post, including the URLs of the blogs & the reason why you picked them. How do you think you might be able to use blogs, either with your colleagues or with your students?