Wednesday, October 28, 2009

National Gallery of Writing

Those of you who teach English probably got wind of the National Day of Writing (October 20), thanks to the NCTE.  It was also the debut of the National Gallery of Writing.

The National Gallery of Writing is not only a place to find pieces that others have submitted, but it's also a place where anyone can submit writing.

Perhaps the most significant thing for those in the classroom is the opportunity to create a "gallery" within the National Gallery.  In fact, doing a search for galleries from the state of Colorado yields 40 results already -- including districts like Littleton Public Schools, schools like Challenge or Niwot High School, or even classes with a teacher as the curator.

Smoky Hill has submitted an application for its own gallery.  If you are an English teacher, consider having your students submit to our gallery.   Contact Kellie Ady for questions or help.